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- 28 Junior Suites

- 41 Executive Suites

- 12 Luxury Suites

- 12 Cat Condos


- Grooming

- Bathing

- Spa Services

the Bay Paws Experience

Bay Paws was designed and built with pet safety and happiness in mind. 

Bay Paws is owned and operated by hospitality professionals who have leveraged their award-winning human hotel experience to create a welcoming and fun environment for pets.

The entire facility has animal-safe epoxy flooring, the best flooring option for pet facilities as it is easy to sanitize to ensure bacteria or viruses are quickly removed from the premises keeping our fur guests healthy. 

All of our HVAC systems have been equipped with the recommended UVGI to reduce the potential spread of airborne illnesses. UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) is an effective tool in reducing the transmission of airborne bacterial and viral infections in group housing facilities.

All boarding suites have Kuranda beds, top of the line pet beds that are easy to sanitize with removable fleece pads can be washed, meaning the entire suite will be disinfected and sanitized prior to your pet's stay. 

13662 Automobile Boulevard, Clearwater, Florida 33762
info@baypaws.com • 727-498-8727

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