Meet Jen, our Master Trainer! She has been a dog trainer for 12 years. She previously ran her own dog training business in New Mexico before moving to Florida. She trains using positive reinforcement methodology. She prepares dogs for the AKC Good Citizen test. In her past role, she trained service dogs for PTSD, anxiety, autism, and mobility. She has experience working with dogs that have behavior issues, fear aggression, and aggression.

Master Trainer Jen

Training Programs

Training Consultations:

Training consultations are free. The trainer will meet with you and your dog to determine your training goals and assess the best course of action to achieve them. These sessions will last 30-45 mins, and are the first step in your training journey!

Puppy Training Classes:

Puppy training classes include our popular Puppy Preschool daycare and an additional 1 hour of basic obedience training, broken up into three sessions throughout the day as puppies don't have long attention spans! This will help your puppy stay focused during their training and allow them to learn proper play when they are here too. The training sessions will consist of: potty training, sit, down, sit/stay, down/stay, leave it, place, come when called, leash training, wait, tricks, and the removal of any unwanted behaviors (barking, chewing, digging, and jumping).

Basic Obedience:

The Basic Obedience classes are 1 hour training sessions. These classes consist of sit, sit/stay, down, down/stay, leave it, place, leash training, wait, come when called, tricks, and the removal of any unwanted behaviors.

Intermediate Obedience:

The Intermediate Obedience classes are 1 hour training sessions. These classes introduce: heel training, distractions, sit/stay from a distance, down/stay from a distance, and walking on leash with distractions.

Advanced Obedience:

The Advanced Obedience classes are 1 hour long training sessions. These classes will introduce walking off leash, heel off leash, sit/stay out of sight, down/stay out of sight, and advance place.

Behavior Modification:

If there is an unwanted behavior you would like to work on with you dog, our trainer can create a personalized training plan for you. These behaviors can include but are not limited to: fear, stranger danger, aggression, barking, chewing, digging, jumping, etc.

About AKC Canine Good Citizen:

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program is a two-part course designed to help you and your dog be the best you can be–together. Since 1989, over 1 million dogs and their owners have participated in CGC, mastering ten basic skills that instill confidence and good manners in and out of your home. The CGC title is also a prerequisite for many therapy dog certifications, and is a great introduction to dog sports. For more information, see: