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At Bay Paws - Ybor City, we offer training services for puppies and for dogs that are not well suited for the average doggy daycare environment. Learn about our amazing trainers and training services below!

Social Skill

social skills daycare

Social Skills Daycare (formerly known as Enrichment) is a program designed for dogs who need help developing their social skills with other dogs. This program is ideal for those dogs who could be group daycare candidates but need training on certain aspects of their socialization, whether it be proper greetings, energy regulation, reduction of reactivity, etc. This program is not designed for truly dog aggressive dogs. 

Call or email us today to schedule your dog's Orientation Day so we can assess and recommend the best program for your dog!

Puppy Preschool

Puppy preschool

Have you been thinking about adding a puppy to your family but don’t know how you’ll juggle all the training…

  • Manners?

  • Housebreaking?

  • Crate training?

  • Leash walking?


Bay Paws is excited to roll out our Puppy Preschool program! We will do the training for you! Puppy Preschool will build a solid foundation for communicating effectively with your puppy, and will make life at home easier and more enjoyable for everyone!


The Puppy Preschool Training Program is led by certified dog trainers.  Puppies will participate in the following building block activities to put your puppy on the pathway to success!

Potty Training: Potty Training is a crucial part of growing up and learning how to be part of a human family. Crate training happens in tandem with potty training, helping the puppy to learn to control the urge to go while they are confined.  They will be rewarded with a treat for going potty in the appropriate area. Puppies will have a designated outdoor potty yard separate from other dogs at Bay Paws Pet Resort. This is to ensure that we are doing everything to protect their developing immune systems.

Obedience Training:  Puppies will learn several basic obedience commands that will build a solid foundation for communicating effectively to make life at home easier and more enjoyable. Commands covered include: 

  • Name recognition: get the puppy’s attention

  • Come: stop what they’re doing, move all the way over to human 

  • Sit

  • Down 

  • Place: go to a spot, cannot move without being released

  • Stay: Cannot move from sit, down, or place

  • Up: jump up- invitation onto furniture or bed

  • Off: jump down / no jumping on humans 

  • Let’s Go: loose leash walking skills

  • Release: release from ‘stay’ command

  • Kennel: crate training- puppy goes in & out of crate and suite

  • Hurry: go potty on command 

  • No: stop that behavior  

  • Toy: grab an appropriate toy and frolic instead of jumping, biting, etc.

  • 1 trick: this will be a surprise for the parents! dependent on what the puppy is naturally inclined towards 

  • Wait: pause, stop moving 


Cradle and Massage/Puppy’s First Bath:  Going to the vet or groomer can be scary for any pet, regardless of age or size. Cradle and Massage is a technique that helps desensitize the nervousness of touch around ears, feet, mouth, and tail. Your puppy will enjoy this one-on-one time while they gain confidence on being handled for exams and services like a pro. During the program, the puppy will receive their first bath in our grooming salon, where our groomer will go slow and give them time to ensure they are not fearful of baths or grooming as an adult. This is critically important for those breeds that will be groomed a lot in their lifetime (i.e. doodles, poodles, etc.)

Puppy Manners/Romp Time: Throughout the day, puppies will engage in Puppy Romp Time where your puppy will learn to play nicely with all breeds and sizes of puppies. It is important for puppies to socialize with other puppies to learn  bite inhibition, communication skills, and maintain friendly responses to other dogs. Based on your puppy’s age and need for nap time, these times may be shorter or longer. All Puppy Romp Times are closely monitored by a Puppy preschool trainer. 

Report Cards: As the Pet Parent, you will receive regular updates on your puppy’s progress; weekly you will receive a report card with your puppy’s homework. When your puppy has reached the time to join the “big kids” in group play, a Puppy Preschool Graduation will be held! 

Hear our trainers describe the program and its benefits for your puppy!

Program Requirements

The Puppy Preschool Program is a 4-week program 5 days per week (M-F) from 8:30 am to 4 pm. (You can still drop off and pick up your puppy during lobby hours.) You will need to register your puppy for a 4-week program and commit to bringing your puppy every day for school. The program cost is $1,400 for the entire 4-week program. 

Puppy Requirements


Puppies must be at least 12 weeks of age and no more than 24 weeks. At the start of the program, puppies must have at minimum completed their second round of Distemper/Parvo and all puppies past 16 weeks must have their rabies and final round of Distemper/Parvo. Puppies must have a negative fecal test prior to entry into the program. Puppies should not visit dog parks, beaches, or public places at least 10 days before starting Puppy Preschool and should continue limited to no dog social contact throughout Puppy Preschool for the safety of all puppies. All puppies must come with a nylon, quick release collar. 


  1. Complete the intake form (embedded below or click here)

  2. Register on PetExec, or if already registered ensure your puppy is listed as a pet

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