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At Bay Paws, we put our love for pets and their owners into all that we do.

Inspired by her family's legacy of success in the human hotel industry (and the cutest little sausage named Wrigley), Christina Holtz decided to embark on a new venture by establishing a pet branch of hotels now known as Bay Paws Pet Resort! Hospitality became hosPETality, which defines how Bay Paws delivers comfort and convenience for pets and their families.


Utilizing her family's expertise in development and operational management, Christina carefully curated Bay Paws Pet Resort's locations and services to deliver the same high standards of customer service, operational excellence, and commitment to innovation to our four-legged friends!


Bay Paws Pet Resort offers a haven of comfort and relaxation for pups, cats, and pocket pets. Let your furry companions experience the lap of luxury with our plush accommodations, vast indoor and outdoor play areas, and attentive round-the-clock care provided by our expert staff. Whether you're here for daycare, boarding, or grooming, Bay Paws is setting the new standard for hosPETality. 



Guiding principles

  1. We operate with integrity to provide extraordinary customer service to ensure pet parents feel comfortable leaving their pets in our care. We will always do the right thing in the pursuit of excellence. Policy is no substitute for good judgment. 

  2. We are dedicated to being the cleanest pet resort, promoting the utmost health and wellness for all our pet guests. 

  3. We believe that knowledge is power. We are committed to continuing education and being the most knowledgeable team in the industry. 

  4. We always prioritize pet and staff safety. 

  5. We deliver an honest and educated assessment of pet behavior to recommend how we can best meet their needs. 

  6. We treat pets like they are our own. We provide loving care in a positive, nurturing environment to ensure a comfortable stay for all our pet guests. 

  7. We lead supportively through an inverted pyramid structure, offering support at all levels: corporate works for managers, who work for their staff, who work for our clients. 

  8. We are a team. We each play a different, yet important part in caring for our pet guests. We cultivate an inclusive workplace that encourages respect, trust, empathy, communication, and collaboration. 

  9. We foster success and growth for our team members by supporting them in reaching their professional and personal goals. 

  10. We are creative. There is almost always a solution to every problem by thinking outside the box.

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