Bay Paws was designed and built with pet safety and happiness in mind. The entire facility has animal-safe epoxy flooring, the best flooring option for pet facilities as it is easy to sanitize, and its HVAC systems have the recommended UVGI to reduce the potential spread of airborne illnesses. 


Bay Paws is a member of the International Boarding & Pet Services Association and the Dog Gurus

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Bay Paws' staff is certified in
pettech CPR & First Aid

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staff trained in dog behavior

& body language

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Chief Treat & Toy Inspector

Christina Holtz is an owner of Bay Paws Pet Resort. Christina created and designed the Bay Paws brand and facilities. Christina has lived in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. Mom to dachshund Wrigley, Christina understands the pet parent perspective of taking your fur baby to a pet facility and works diligently to ensure that Bay Paws provides both the best pet parent and pet experience.