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Meet The Team




Hi, I’m Amie! I’ve been a groomer for 19 years, and I love working with my fur babies. I started as a bather and was taught all the tricks of the trade from my amazing mentor. Along the way, I've mastered the art of keeping both pets and their owners happy, healthy, and a bit spoiled, of course. I have 4 dogs and 2 cats of my own. One of my favorite grooming memories happened on a day when the power went out mid-baths and I had 12 dogs to groom that day. We piled all the pups into our cars and drove them over to my boss’s house. We spent the rest of the day slipping and sliding all over the floors in the mix of wet dogs while trying to bathe and clean them all up. The day was filled with laughter and the best dog kisses. It was a great day for sure!

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