In Puppy Preschool, the puppies will be taught proper behaviors early on such as potty training, leash walking, sit, stay, down and more while engaging with other puppies. 

Puppies need special care and attention during their early development stages. Puppies become better behaved when they are given clear rules, boundaries and when they receive positive reinforcement for good behavior. Training and socialization for puppies is critical to their healthy development. We will equip your puppy with everything they need to be confident, relaxed & well-mannered! 


Puppy Preschool is designed for puppies 14 weeks to 7 months with no size or breed restrictions. Puppies are required to have the following vaccinations (+ 5 day waiting period after final vaccination for immune response) before starting Puppy Preschool: 3 Distemper Parvo Vaccines; 2 Bordetella Vaccines; 1 Canine Flu Vaccine for H3N2 & H3N8 (booster per DVM schedule); Rabies (at 16 weeks); negative fecal test; and current & maintained on flea & heartworm prevention. 


Puppy Preschool is offered on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 6:30 am to 7 pm.

Half days are either from 8 am - 12 pm or 11 am - 3 pm.


Full Day - $35

Half Day - $20

8 - 12 or 11 - 3

With Boarding - $15

5 Day - $165

Expires 25 days after purchase



For dogs that prefer one-on-one attention but still need time away from home, our canine enrichment program is the perfect daycare option. Dogs will have several activities planned throughout their day to keep their minds stimulated. Your dog will enjoy the variety of interactions and above all, the fun of puzzle solving rewarded with high value treats.


Full Day - $40

With Boarding - $15

5 Day - $190

Expires 25 days after purchase

10 Day - $360

Expires 45 days after purchase



Daycare groups are separated by temperament and size ensuring safe and fun play groups for all fur guests. There are three different play areas supervised by trained and certified staff. Group Play improves social skills, boosts confidence, reduces behavioral problems and is an outlet for burning off energy. Prior to joining group play, we require all new clients participate in an approx. 2 hour temperament test for us to evaluate your dog's behavior towards team members and other dogs.


Weekly- $110

Any 5 days of week; expires end of week

5 Day - $125

Expires 25 days after purchase

10 Day - $240

Expires 45 days after purchase

Second Pet Weekly - $210


Full Day - $27

Half Day - $18

8 am - 12 pm or 11 am - 3 pm

Second Pet Full Day - $23

With Boarding - $15

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