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Just like humans, dogs need both mental and physical stimulation to live a balanced and happy life. Our Enrichment Daycare offers a structured environment that engages all five senses with individualized activities and small playgroups tailored to your pup’s needs and preferences! Our Enrichment activities are classified by the effective stimulation of different behaviors: cognitive, environmental, food-based, social, and sensory. Contact us today to schedule your Orientation Day!



Stir up those brain cells and get those paws to work! Let them crack puzzles, play detective, and take charge of their furry world. Think training games, sniffing adventures, and even a round of tetherball - it's all about keeping those tails wagging with excitement!



Environmental changes transform an animal's habitat into a lively amusement park! Picture creatures socializing by the pool, embarking on exciting adventures in the sandbox, and enjoying a carousel ride through the air!


Food Based

Spice up your pet's routine with a range of stimulating food choices such as unique treats, interactive toys, and challenging snack puzzles. Get creative - you could even stuff a Kong toy with peanut butter for an extra special treat!



Enable your critters to mingle via sight, sound, smell, or touch, whether they're pals of the same kind or totally different species—yep, even humans can join the party! Think fun training meetups, playful hangouts, cozy one-on-one time, or even a feathery visitor in the backyard.



Immerse your best friend in enchanting experiences: visuals, sounds, textures, flavors, and scents! Imagine a scene with frozen soup, fragrant puzzles, vibrant music, plush mats, delightful aromas, and colorful toys all around you.

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